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Fish Frenzy at Baia Sportfishing Lodge

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

It was yet another exciting trip with 8 anglers from Brisbane & Cairns Australia.

This trip was a 5 Night Baia Lodge package and all anglers were on the hunt for Black Bass & Spotties. A variety of techniques including trolling & casting were used with some awesome handmade lures mentioned below. Here are some pictures to showcase this awesome trip!

The beginning of the trip starts with a group dinner at Liamo Reef Resort where we all had time to get to know each other and catch up. The next day our journey began to Baia Sportfishing Lodge.

Over the duration of the trip we did river and reef fishing. The Halco Rooster Poppers were a real favourite for the red bass and GT!

Black Bass Fishing
Angus & Chris testing out the soft plastics under a nice snag and double hookup on them too!
Big Mangrove Jack - Baia Sportfishing Lodge
Trolling right through the middle of the Torio River at 12pm and Angus hooked up to this 63cm Mangrove Jack!

Here is Chris with his beast of the Black Bass & Spottail Bass! Again the DUO FangPop gets smashed on the surface and puts up an epic fight!

Testing the FCL Labo Lures. All handmade and proved to catch 90% of John's fish! Get a couple of these and try them out at Baia.

Among the fishing, the guests also were welcomed by the Baia Primary School where they performed traditional songs & dances. Most guests said this was a highlight of their trip!

Another great trip comes to an end as anglers part their ways and head back home. All anglers have new insights to life and we look forward to seeing them again!

Want to get on a trip like this? Simply send me an email by clicking the link below:


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