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Baia Sportfishing - Everything you need to know!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

In 2004, Riccard Reimann embarked on a journey and became one of the pioneers to Black Bass Fishing in Papua New Guinea. Back then, he surely did not know Baia Sportfishing Lodge would play a major role in the development of the Baia village and their people.

Baia Sportfishing Lodge established in 2004 has been one of the worlds most secure and reliable fishing lodges in Papua New Guinea. Targeting the Black Bass & Spottail Bass, anglers from all corners of the world have visited this side of paradise over the past 15 years. From Fly fishermen, experienced anglers and children, they all have played a major part in making the lodge what it is today. We have been fortunate enough to be featured on shows such as Mark Berg Fishing Addiction, Monster Fish, River Monsters, Extreme Fishing with Robson Green and Escape with ET. With hundreds of Bass caught over the years, this mighty fish has provided a very sustainable income for the locals.


The Lodge is perfectly situated on the boarder of East & West New Britain beside the friendly Baia Village. The main 4 rivers can also be accessed within 15-30 minutes of the lodge making it the perfect base for anglers. The rooms are equipped with electricity, comfortable beds, running water, hot water, toilets and a common area where you an unwind, read a book and enjoy the ocean views with a golden sunrise each morning. The meals are all chef prepared with Western, Chinese or fresh food prepared and served by our local staff.

Baia Sportfishing Lodge - A Day in the life of an angler


Black Bass & Spottail Bass are our target species and anglers have been fortunate enough to capture up to 42lb Black Bass and 36lb Spottail Bass. These species are not for the faint -hearted as when they hook up they will put up a fantastic fight for you as you try to keep them out of the snags. Here are some of our favourite catches! There are also many other fish species you can catch from Mangrove Jacks, GT, Queen Fish, Ruby Snapper Cods, Mackerel & More!

SUSTAINABLE FISHING = SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Fishing has proven to be a fantastic means of sustainable tourism as anglers continue to provide a income for the Baia people with positive development in schools, houses and hospitals.

PNG is prone to illegal logging and commercial fishing however, Baia Sportfishing has provided an excellent model to show how sportfishing tourism can be a sustainable income for PNG livelihoods. As a result, the Baia people have turned away logging companies who are currently illegally destroying other areas. Cinematic Science in conjunction with the National Fisheries Authority have come to Baia to show you how important Sportfishing is to the people at Baia and Papua New Guinea..

PNG is on the doorstep of Australia with only a half a day travel. Your dream fishing trip is closer than you think. Get in touch with us today to make your fishing trip a reality!

Tiana Reimann



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