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Bass & Blue Water Trip at Baia Sportfishing PNG

Embarking on a recent expedition to Baia Sportfishing PNG was nothing short of a legendary journey, especially with our vibrant crew from Victoria, Australia.

Our days were filled with pursuits, from the tranquil rivers to the vast expanse of the blue water. Despite encountering some murky waters in the rivers on occasion, the thrill of the chase remained unparalleled with every cast. We had our fair share of heart-stopping moments, with monstrous bass teasing us and a few broken rods serving as badges of honor.

In the rivers, we landed some impressive barracudas and GTs, creating lasting memories. Among these, the intense battles with black bass stand out, as they fiercely ripped full drag off our lures while darting into their tangled habitats.

But it wasn't just about the river fishing. Mother Nature blessed us with glorious weather for the remainder of our trip, setting the stage for great fishing conditions on the open sea. The blue water fishing was great fun in itself, as some witnessed not just one, but sometimes two fish hooking up to a single lure (Red Bass & Maori Sea Bream).

The Baia village also came together to showcase their vibrant cultural songs and dances with some guests showing off their own dancing skills too!

As our adventure neared its end, we decided to cap it off with a bang. Aboard the Ultimate One, we set our sights on the majestic marlin, determined to end our journey on a high note. And luck was undeniably on our side as we hooked not one, but two stunning marlin, their sleek forms dancing amidst a backdrop of hundreds of yellowfin and common minke whales. It was a surreal moment for our guest, Pani, who was able to tick this beautiful fish off his bucket list.

Up for another adventure next week, stay tuned for more updates on our Facebook & Instagram pages.

2025 Bookings are available to book. Please contact for more information.

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