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Add this to your wishlist. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Tag: du maurier The two leaders of the French film industry, Patrice Delon and Edouard Molinaro, have fallen out over money and directors, the latter accusing the former of dismissing him from his post as the head of the Films de l’Art Cinema. The pair, who have worked together since the early 1990s, the start of their film industry careers, have broken away from their partnership. Molinaro said: ‘This is a decision made by both, but I have the right to choose to go my own way. ‘I have the right to decide my destiny.’ And Delon hit back: ‘I have also the right to choose the way I want to work, the directors I want to work with and the films I want to make. I choose to collaborate with Edouard Molinaro.’ The row was triggered by a disagreement over the choice of director for the feature film Le Chant de la Danse (The Song of the Dance). Molinaro had suggested Claude Miller, best known for his work with Jean-Pierre Melville and the duo share a great working relationship. Molinaro had gone to see Miller direct his new film, the psychological thriller Grands Espaces, at the Cannes film festival. Delon agreed to work with the film director and purchased the film rights to the script written by Thomas Bideault. But when Molinaro proposed the pair work together on Le Chant de la Danse, a crime drama with dark comedy overtones, Delon decided to approach Jean-Pierre Denis and Michel Rochette, one of France’s foremost comedy actors, to direct. The pair of film industry veterans have now parted ways, despite Delon and Molinaro having been in a state-funded film partnership for more than 20 years. Molinaro said: ‘Patrice is a very nice man, very open, but sometimes he doesn’t think about his own career. ‘Edouard and I have made five films together – we spent many years together. We always had nice long conversations about our films and our future. ‘It’s not at all easy to understand Patrice’s reaction. I don’t know why he decided to change sides so quickly.�



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Code De La Route Rousseau DVD Professionnel 16-30 2022

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